Best Installous Alternatives in 2014

Installous Alternative
As every iPhone enthusiast knows the best app downloader Installous is shutdown for good so an alternative is welcomed. Although many alternative app downloaders appeared on the internet out of nowhere, we can't really say that torrents are a good alternative to Installous or any other dubious website where we can download apps and then install them with iTools or 3rd party app. No, what we call an alternative is an application that has an intuitive interface and can be found on Cydia. It should be able download and install almost any app directly with a decent speed and if possible without any captcha code.

Best Cydia Sources in 2014

After Hackoulo.Us is dead and gone and the Installous with it, a refresh of the best cydia sources list was needed so I decided to do a review of the best cydia repos that are still up and going in 2014. Once you have these sources added to your Cydia app, any package you can think of is or will be there for free.

Although having the default Cydia sources provide the vast majority of packages some are paid but if you install the repos that I'll provide, you will find free versions of those.

Best Music & Video Media Player for iPhone.

I decided to write this blog post after I noticed that Best Media Player for iPhone and iPad was the most visited post. So the second edition comes naturally because several HD media players are now available on iTunes App Store. While VLC is still there for the old school'ers, another two apps are now the best ones you can use on your iPhones and iPads. Both play almost any audio and video formats with subtitle so you can flip the coin to choose the best.

8 Must Have Cydia Apps.

Must Have Cydia Apps
My iPhone is way better after I installed Cydia and with it, the wave of tweaks and small modifications that make the iOS experience the best one possible. According to Macmillan dictionary to tweak means to make small changes in order to improve something, your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. In this post I will remind some of the most useful modifications that are to be found on the commonly used Cydia sources.

Best Weather App for iPhone.

Best Weather App for iPhoneBefore I will reveal the best weather app for iPhone, let me state it clear: I hate the built in iPhone weather app and the fact that I can't change it. It's much to simple, no details and many areas are not covered.

"A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves." Marcel Proust.

Best Travel Apps for iPhone.

mTrip Travel Guide iPhone App iconYou can forget about any maps or travel information centers when you arrive in one of the cities featured by the best iPhone travel app. For each city there is another app available as follows: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Instanbul, London, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Venice, Vienna, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Washington DC, Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. It's definitely the best travel app for iPhone.

iPhone Screen Size Analyzed: Why 3.5" is the most practical screen size?

Since June 2007, Apple has decided to use the same screen size for iPhone and iPod Touch although the competition installed bigger sized display screens. Many people around the world wondered: why Apple sticks with the 3.5"? Maybe for keeping the whole phone size low, maybe for DPI(dots per inch) considerations, maybe because of hardware limitations.

Best 10 Must Have Cydia Apps.

Some of the Cydia apps or tweaks cannot be missed from any jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or even iPad. They enhance the iOS experience and they give Apple tips about what they must do to improve their devices.

Here are the best 10 must have apps that can be found on Cydia: