Best Installous Alternatives in 2014

Installous Alternative
As every iPhone enthusiast knows the best app downloader Installous is shutdown for good so an alternative is welcomed. Although many alternative app downloaders appeared on the internet out of nowhere, we can't really say that torrents are a good alternative to Installous or any other dubious website where we can download apps and then install them with iTools or 3rd party app. No, what we call an alternative is an application that has an intuitive interface and can be found on Cydia. It should be able download and install almost any app directly with a decent speed and if possible without any captcha code.
We found two apps, both of them probably being equal to the original predecessor with moderate speeds, multiple mirrors and many versions of the most apps.


Installous Alternative: AppCake+ Screenshot
AppCake+ is the best Installous alternative by far, having many similar features. You are able to search for the apps you are interested in and the apps are split into categories but if you can't decide what app is better for you or the coffee break is boring you can always check the popular apps list with two options for weekly and overall top. The user can verify the download speed and progress in the download tab and can see what apps are already downloaded in the downloaded sub-tab. A browser is also integrated but we didn't completely understood it's purpose. For speed improvements users can switch between multiple mirrors and for bug related issues you can always try an older version. Finally, under the settings tab you can choose to install automatically the apps after the downloads are complete, to show all apps, to keep the screen awake and to enable wireless sharing.

Installous Alternative: AppCake+ Screenshots

Installous Alternative: AppCake+ ScreenshotInstallous Alternative: AppCake+ Screenshot

Installous Alternative: AppCake+ ScreenshotInstallous Alternative: AppCake+ Screenshot


vShare is similar to Installous as it knows what apps can be updated but you have the option to update all because it has no mirrors and no captcha so the process of updating is instant. In the vShare home screen you can check the featured apps as well as some interesting collections of apps. In the categories tab you can choose between apps and games and in every tab you are able to pick featured, hot or latest. We personally like the categories system more than app store's itself. As in AppCake under the Download tab there are two choices: download and downloaded. Under Manager tab you can see the update-able apps and the installed ones. Finally in the More tab there are some interesting settings. The user can choose to install apps automatically after the download is complete, to delete the apps archives automatically after the app is installed. 

Also you can ask to be notified when an app is installed, to keep the vShare awake in the background when downloading, to stop the downloading when disconnected from WiFi, to vibrate after an app has been installed. Finally, depending on your bandwidth you should set the maximum number of concurrent downloads accordingly. If you notice that the total downloading speed is low and your bandwidth is significantly larger you should increase the maximum concurrent downloads.

Installous Alternative: vShare Screenshots

Installous Alternative: vShare ScreenshotInstallous Alternative: vShare Screenshot

Installous Alternative: vShare ScreenshotInstallous Alternative: vShare Screenshot

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